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Sorry to say. Shivani Sharma 1 year ago. If ketu in 1 house and rahu in 7 house ketu in vrischik and rahu of vrishab so plz give remedies. Vinay Jain 1 year ago. Monali 1 year ago. Niyati 1 year ago. Nrupal Dave 1 year ago. I have relative with Rahu in 7th house and 2 relatives with Rahu in 12th house and almost everything said was correct. Request if you can cover Rahu in other houses and its Astro Vastu impact and remedies as well. Thank you for the detailed session. Dheedhify 1 year ago. This is so very true!

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Prahalad Karnam 1 year ago. Is there a book on this topic available with Saptarishis?

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Still some of the concepts were a bit intriguing and unconventional. Am sure Hanishji must have experienced results based on these concepts but some of them need more clarity. Why 7th is not opposite to 1st? I agree that houses need not follow a cyclical order but some of the rationale mentioned was incomprehensible. May be a separate class is needed to understand these concepts before such practical applications are taken up. Hope to see such a session in future. Again gratitude to Saptarishis team. It's wrong every vastu expert knows astrology and without it no vastu is possible so don't say that mr sunil.

Thank you Sunilji for your clarifying questions in this interview and Hanishji for such an insightful presentation with your depth of experience!

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Question: What is Rahu's impact in Aries? The Lordship of Mars - does this 'softly' manage the Rahu energy as in red curtain or 'aggressively' manage it as in a flame? Once again , very thankful for bringing this to us! Best wishes! Shweta Singh 1 year ago. Shashi Arora 1 year ago. If rahu is in 7th with mangal itself , then it means rahu is already controlled by mangal In fact based on individual combinations it also produces a person who can be cheated by others due to his folly or mistakes. So when Rahu in 4th becomes malefic the person may lose his wealth or property due to cheating by others or close relatives or partners.

Because 4th house is the house of our ties or bonds of attachments. I fully agree the symptom of malefic Rahu in the 4th does cause issue of leakage with roof of house. Ashritha C 1 year ago. Isn't everything like, if we have good destiny or if it is written in our life, we will build or buy house with good vastu and we will go to good astrologer and live in a good place? Isn't it be like, I am writing this comment since I am destined to? I am not against astrology or vastu. But just feel like, we are all robots acting accordingly to some instructions given by someone.

Nothing is in our control. Just someone decide I should do something, plant idea in my mind, I am just a robot doing it.

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  • Michael Mallal 1 year ago. Namaskar, a client's lagna maybe in Swati with star lord Rahu. He owns a small hut in an upscale village. Moni B 1 year ago. Thank you for sharing the in-depth perspective and knowledge on Astro Vastu. Tharun J Prasad 1 year ago. Sunil Sir I hope you will be reading this comment, Sir I want to share remedies as I have heard you telling in many videos your facing health issues. My Guru has suggested me this for bad rahu dasha or antardashas. Chant Adi Shankaracharyas Subramanya Bhujangam 3 times daily for good health.

    Sukadeva Gosvami:

    And chanting Surya gayathri morning in sunlight. Performing Bhujangasana and Dhanurasanam 9 times daily. Check for vitamin B12 deficiency in the blood which causes nervous weakness during Rahu period. To strictly avoid non veg consumption if Rahu is making Sarpa dosha, which gives instant relief to native. Visiting Lord Subramanya temple on Tuesdays and Shasti days, like performing abhishekam to the lord. Hope you will be benefited. Tatva Gyan 1 year ago.

    Visit payani and Tiruchendur temple, both are the abode Subramanya. Subramanya is for mars,.

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    Priya Raghuraman 1 year ago. Dear Saptarishi, Highly knowledgeable. Where is Hanishji's number displayed? How does one get in touch with him. Request for his coordinates please. Dyadav 1 year ago. Vysakh k a 1 year ago.

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    I have an incident in my college while i am doing engineering. I lost 3 years. Now i quit engineering and doing degree 2nd year. But i have rahu and jupiter in 8th H and i am pisces ascendant. Vysakh k a Do you or someone in your family have asthama problem?

    Please share. Piyush Singh 1 year ago. If rahu is in 12th house we should light red bulb in south-east direction or any direction? Please reply. By the way excellent video, most of the points match. Sanjeev Sharma 11 months ago. Sir, Is Stairs are Rahu? We are reading in Lal kitab that Stairs are Budh.

    Please clarify. Jas K. Rahu in 2nd you said steel should be removed. We have our car port garage in the nw of the house. Cars are made of steel but they are also related to venus. So, is the car port ok? It is OK. But car is also related to Mars due to its Machinery and the color of the Car is also important, which may be related to some other planet.

    Yogesh G 1 year ago. Red bulb do give miraculous results, but always check if anyone is having water or related to that thing even blue colour and its shades , then don't use it.. Clutter on roof is worst place to keep clutter. Better throw away. Did not get your comment. Women want to be her and men want to be with her.

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