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I have always loved reading books for children and young adults, particularly when those books are mysteries. I take a lot of notes when I read, particularly in this initial phase of research.

In many ways I see this initial phase as a process of accruing authority, of finding a perspective on the raw material of the future novel's world. I've always loved that "author" derives from the Latin augere , to increase. This phase of reading and researching lasted for nearly two years, but it wasn't until the very end of it that the idea for the novel was really born. Did structure have to come at the expense of plot?

Or could it be possible for a novel to be structurally ornate and actively plotted at the same time? I found a programme online that could track the movement of the planets through the constellations of the zodiac. Chances are, your moons are in compatible signs, or your Sun and moon are in similar signs. Aries Moon Sign.

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Gemini Moon Sign. Cancer Moon Sign. Leo Moon Sign.

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Virgo Moon Sign. Scorpio Moon.

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Sagittarius Moon Sign. Capricorn Moon Sign. Aquarius Moon Sign.

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Pisces Moon Sign. Needs a challenge but also to be babied and attended to at times. Wants a return on their emotional investment but can be a little too security-obsessed. People with a strong Moon in their horoscope are likely to put on weight either by retention of water or by means of their laziness and their tendency to sleep more than usual which may bring heaviness to their body especially in the later years of their lives.

Such people are prone to colds more than the other people and can easily develop phlegm inside their chest. In general the diseases caused by virtue of Moon are usually watery or mental in nature.

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A weak or afflicted Moon in a horoscope can mean very bad things to the native, especially mentally and in terms of enjoying luxuries and comforts. The Moon is the weakest in Scorpio which is its sign of debilitation and it can otherwise become weak by placement in some particular houses or by afflictions of one or more negative planets. The worst afflictions in case of the Moon come from Ketu and Rahu and then the Saturn.

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A strong affliction from Ketu to an already weak Moon can very well make the native suffer from Mental and Psychological disorders and such people may spend many years of their lives in a mental hospital. Afflictions to the Moon disturb the peace of mind of the native and the native may also suffer from insomnia which is commonly known as sleeping disorder.

Such people experience difficulties in having a sound and natural sleep. Apart from these general significances, the particular significances ruled by the Moon in a horoscope are also disturbed if the Moon is weak or afflicted in a horoscope.

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For example, if the Moon is representing Marriage or Married life in a particular horoscope, any serious afflictions to the Moon in that horoscope can cause Delay in marriage of the native and major disturbances in the married life which may ultimately lead to a separation or divorce depending upon some other factors in the horoscope of the native and his spouse.

Skip to content Home Uncategorized Importance of moon sign in vedic astrology. Moon Sign Astrology If the planet Sun is considered as the king, the moon is considered as queen. The exalted moon is considered to be the most powerful moon in the birth chart. This needs to be thoroughly computed by a wise astrologer. Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility Since moon plays an imperative role in the Vedic astrology, it is very important that Moon is not afflicted by malefic planets.