Sagittarius march 22 2020 weekly horoscope

Do your spiritual work in this enlightened calendar period and you just never know what destiny has in the stars for your love life. Watch especially for 5th house activity in your Daily Horoscopes when it comes to forecasting your romantic lives as activities for the festive season begins.

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Until then, enjoy the slow shifts of the planets this week as we look forward to forward motion on Mercury and the Sun entering lucky Sagittarius. Moon: Leo — Feed your inner child today.

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Moon : Virgo — Flawless attention to detail can be productive, and provocative. We have lover Venus working happily with lucky Jupiter, and Venus wants to help you to attract as much love as you want or need today.

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Jupiter will have you feeling on top of the world, and will send you just the energy you need to do that. So if you are feeling buoyant, happy, and a little bit lucky, go for it. When you do, you may run into one of those situations that starts off exciting, and one thing leads to another, and then something wonderful happens!

Jupiter gives you that happy vibe, and Venus helps you to attract something wonderful. What wonderful thing do you want to happen today? As a Scorpio, Christine Beswick is a natural empath, using her watery emotional side to bring you the astrology answers you need to find abundance.

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It appears that your love needs are not being met. Perhaps your lover is not aware of how you speak your love language and keeps trying to speak to you in theirs. If so, this needs to be addressed now so that you can fall back into each other's arms and know you belong there. Eclipses will also begin in your sign and your relationship sign this year, which means definite turning points in love are on the horizon.

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A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on June 5 happens while Venus is retrograde. This could represent a breakup or a decision to give someone a second chance. Either way, it'll be emotional. Their harmonious trines to innovative Uranus help you reinvent your work habits for greater efficiency and job satisfaction. And trines with Capricorn power players Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn bolster your faith, willpower, and endurance.

2020 Sagittarius Horoscope Preview

Can life get any better? Get fascinating personalized information about the year ahead and how you can make it your best yet with valuable insight from your Horoscope!

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Angel Cards, Angel Chat Now! Chakra Healing, Clairvoyant, More Weekly Monthly Overview Romantic Career. Year of The time is now, Sag.

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