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These challenges will be relative to the two houses the natal and transiting Chiron are in. You may at this time become keenly aware of this challenge and understand its implication in your life, an aspect alongside Saturn Return, deep feelings are bound to rise up. Venus transit in Pisces will leave you feeling unattended and your needs unaddressed or even unloved, thankfully this is a fast transit and soon Venus in Gemini will soften those blows.

Cancer - A great time of healing and introspection. Looking at your challenges from a new perspective. Leo : Challenges that arise are a precursor to the opposition of Transiting Chiron to your Natal Chiron.

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My advice : tend to these points of awareness to facilitate an easier time of opposition. Virgo : This is a time in which you may not be aware of which way to turn. You may feel really confused as neither life, nor your Chiron challenge, pose any clear awareness of solution. You may grow to understand your challenge in life at a great degree now, but don't expect your needs to experience much sympathy or compassion until Venus transits out of pisces. Libra : The world gives you solutions to solve your Chiron challenges now, beyond that an easier transit.

Sagittarius : Those of you who have Chiron at 25 DEG of Sag will feel pangs of challenge come through in the way you manage your personal relationship to your weaknesses. The conjunction to Saturn will help you navigate this as you have freshly learned lessons on how to handle your challenges in the world; however, there may be some pull towards the emotional side of things especially for those of you who are dealing with love matters.

Aquarius : Those of you who have Chiron in Aquarius will have a smooth transit with the exception of those who have Chiron at 5DEG Aquarius, for you this will feel like an abrupt reminder of the lessons through which you had worked through 5 years ago. Saturday, March 8, Esoteric Healing. Book a Private Reading with me: www. Gain an understanding of the energies that surround you, this very moment.

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Taurus August Soul Tarot Reading - The Cards and the Spiral provides a wonderful expansion into the concepts discussed through channelled conversation in Part 1. If you haven't seen it Hazy Tarot. Personal card readings available at hazytarot. Tarot reading for May 20th - June 21st Deck: The Fountain Tarot ru-clip.

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Pisces June - You are ready to play part 2!!! Future Forward. Hi Guys!!

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Here is your June Tarot Reading. Thank you so much for Subscribing, watching, liking, sharing and for all your feedback God Bless!!! Much love and many blessings to you! Extra Readings: www.

Here's My APP : play. The readings are donate to view - meaning that a few days after the date of the r..

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Kayleigh Jean. Sorry about the cut in your video, I got something in my eye ; I record these general readings for creative people, artists, entrepreneurs or anyone who is working on their cre.. My general tarot readings are done monthly for each astrological sign. I use a Writer-Waite 78 card deck.

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These readings are very general and will often describe the feelings of a situation but perhaps not in terms of the situation you are actually i.. For a personal reading go to www. To purchase the Love Reading video June, visit www.

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Be sure to watch your rising and Moon s.. Pisces June love Tawana the Clarivoyant. To book an accurate private reading contact lovettelovette gmail. I am a sag sun, cancer rising, scorpio moon.

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I touch on all areas. Thank you June for being June. Wisdom of the Oracle on Tap. Take away message is in the last 3 to 5 minutes of the readings. Sorry No personal readings at this time.