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That is to say, if you wish to impart training to the youngsters in your company or even in your family, this is the best week. Ganesha feels your approach towards social and personal issues shall be diplomatic. Birth Horoscope Use the power of Astrology to understand yourself in a better way and get a sense of direction and purpose in life.

The cosmic imprint of the stars has a profound impact on your life. Unravel your true potential through the Birth Horoscope report, being offered for free. On the work front, your relations with seniors shall improve.

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As for work, you shall easily complete the projects assigned to you. Your social network and contacts shall matter a lot this month. You may also quit your job and start a business, to improve your financial condition. You are likely to be tempted to take some drastic steps to improve your finances. However, you should consult experts before undertaking anything risky. Also, start saving and chart out your investment plans.

Over the course of the month, your finances shall improve gradually.

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Gains through investments in business are also indicated. To get some valuable tips on how to improve your financial condition even more, try the Birth Chart based report Wealth Ask a Question Detailed. As per Ganesha, your personal life may be fairly smooth this month, provided you are flexible and accommodating. Planetary positions indicate that your stubbornness may negatively affect your spouse and other members of your family. These planetary positions can cause troubles for you.

Find out and deal well! Be very careful of your words and actions as even petty issues may go out of hand in no time. As far as your love life is concerned, there will some ups and downs during year. Be unbiased and practical while sorting out issues with your beloved, else you will not be able to stop things from going bad to worse.

This year, you need to be very clear about how you are going to handle your finances. According to Ganesha, you should pay special attention to your spendings and cash outflow. Whereas for your business, it may prove to be an excellent year. Don't know your Moon sign?

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Click here to find out. Cancer General Horoscope: This may not be the ideal day to take important decisions. You need to be careful in all your dealings at this point of time. You could also tend to get over-excited. Proper planning is required to avoid such occurrences. Cancer Career and Business Horoscope: The work front could witness some disturbances with your colleagues.

Be patient and carry on with your work. Cancer Love and Relationships Horoscope: A difference of opinion could occur due to a communication gap with your partner. You are likely to have conflicting opinions with each other. Cancer Money and Finances Horoscope: Money flow could be a little disappointing. Increasing expenditure could make you resort to borrowing for meeting your needs. Cancer Health Horoscope: Stress may cause leg pain.

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Practicing meditation will help you maintain sound health in body and mind. Cancer General Horoscope: The day could pose some challenging situations that will make you lose balance. You need to overcome this with patience and determination. You also need to be careful while communicating with others to avoid negative results.

Cancer Career and Business Horoscope: You need to put in hard efforts and plan systematically to perform well at work. However, despite your best efforts, you will fail to get due recognition from your bosses. Cancer Love and Relationships Horoscope: You need to adopt a light and jovial attitude with your partner, as there are chances for disputes to arise.

A relaxed attitude will help defuse the situation.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Money and Finances Horoscope: The monetary situation may not be all that satisfactory. You could face money crunches as your earnings will also be comparatively less. Cancer Health Horoscope: Health may not be satisfactory. Some couples will be ready to take—or at least talk about—next steps, like moving in together or starting or expanding a family. While Mars will heat up the emotional bonding and sexy ambience, he can also stir up friction or spark cabin fever.

Singles might have to pry themselves out of their shells to get out and meet people. On October 8, Venus leaves Mars in the rearview and bolts into sensual Scorpio, refilling your romance and glamour tanks.


You might feel like you got thrown from a horse in the midst of a pretty smooth ride. Try not to overreact, however strong your feelings are. This is probably just another ripple in the emotion ocean. Your home is abuzz with productivity this month, as the Sun visits Libra and your domestic sector until October The red planet revs you up with ideas for a cottage industry or ways you can make money from your kitchen table…or maybe by renting out that spare room on Airbnb.

Bubbly Mercury starts an extended trip through Scorpio and your fifth house of passion and performance on October 3. You never know who you could inspire—or impress!

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On October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio, which further sparks your creativity and inspires you to share. Cancers are excellent performers—and entrepreneurs. Is it high time to launch that sommelier consulting business or to seek funding for your food truck? Take your show on the road restaurants, museums, corporations and make sure someone is there to hold the iPhone while you go live on IG.

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The October 27 Scorpio new moon could be the perfect date to schedule a presentation, affording you the opportunity to flaunt your personality and grab the attention of a key decision-maker. But careful what goes into the public sphere once Mercury turns retrograde from October 31 to November This cycle notoriously disrupts technology, travel, information and communication. Back up all your most important data. Step back and review your messaging: Is your business or brand communicating effectively? Gather a little focus group yes, that can be a few of your most honest friends to find out what works and what falls by the wayside.

Be patient with a business partner. A little unstructured play will do you a world of good. Revisit a favorite hobby—Rollerblades, hayrides, karaoke?

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