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Rape case on Jyotish Ashu bhai guru ji latest news--live-Delhi--Astrologer--today--full story

AshuBhaiMaharaj, a self-proclaimed godman in Delhi, is now under severe Navodaya Times 1 years ago. Self-styled godman Ashu Bhai sent to 3 days police custody for allegedly gang-raping a woman and her year-old daughter at Ashu bhai ki mehfil Ashu bhai ki party Tittle King 1 years ago. My Slideshow ashu g Gurujee 3 years ago. Ek aur Baba - Ashu bhai bhi jail me Youthful Channel 1 years ago. Ashu bhai ki video ashu singh vigo 6 months ago.

Rape case on Jyotish Ashu bhai guru ji latest news | live | Delhi | Astrologer | today | gangrape

He later shifted to the Sarai Rohilla area of Old Delhi, where he used to pose himself as an astrologer. Following an increasing customer base, he closed his shop and turned to television channels. He used to claim of eliminating bad luck from the lives of the people.

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According to two witnesses, who went to meet him, he would charged exorbitant fees for his first meeting, say Rs. Ironically, the day he went absconding was the day they had come up with the requisite money. So how is Indian media connected to this case?

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It is their Hindu phobic attitude that makes them connect any such incident, without even looking into the details with Hinduism in order to defame the religion. Even after it was established that the Kathua case was far from being a simple open and shut case, news agencies like the Times of India refused from giving up on their vicious agenda.

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Whenever a fake godman was arrested, they would immediately put up a cover picture of a Hindu saint, in order to send a message that such malpractices are a norm in Hinduism. To be truthful, it is time that people stop believing blindly in such misleading material. The decisions is in the hands of the Indian masses.

Not revealing his true name and identity marks a question mark on his role. The story of Ashu Baba becoming Ashu Guruji is very interesting. Baba Ashu, surrounded by a woman living in Ghaziabad, and her minor daughter for many years, is running a business of astrology by concealing her true identity.

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Now it has millions of rupees worth of cars. One day suddenly stopped his business from there.

Surprisingly, in the house of Ashu, who claims to tell the future of others, his servant ran away with 50 lakh rupees. Ashu Guruji claims to settle all kinds of people's problems on the well-known television channels.

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