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Whether it's a bedtime routine or knowing what to expect throughout their daily activities, foods, interactions, and more, Gat also shared that Capricorn babies thrive with consistent and predictable parenting. Although this doesn't mean you can't enjoy spontaneous, new things, it can translate into fussiness or frustration for your baby when something different or unexpected is thrown their way.

Capricorns like to be prepared, so if you know that a major change or new environment is coming their way, try thinking like a Capricorn and preparing your baby — and yourself — for the upcoming experience. According to BellyBelly, Capricorn babies are successful and thrive off new challenges. If you notice them becoming listless or ornery, simply give them a new task or educational endeavor to complete, and their focus and drive will come into play.

Although they may seem like a very serious baby to you, they crave your attention and love to continue excelling too — because they have a soft side they won't always show easily. If you're the parent telling her mom friends that no matter how many different kinds of soothing methods you try, nothing works , it's likely your baby is a Capricorn. The best chance you have at getting your little one to do what you want could be bribery — and that's nothing to be ashamed of, at all.

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The good news is that Capricorns are inherently independent, so stepping away for a few minutes will often allow your baby to sort things out alone, whether it be getting over a tantrum or falling asleep for nap time. Although they're likely stubborn and enjoy predictability, your little one still has a knack for adjusting to whatever situation they're in without a major issue.

Capricorn Child

Here, some of the books that will especially resonate with Capricorns. Below, the best books for Capricorn:.

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  • Horton Hatches the Egg , Dr. Just like Capricorn! The story of a little llama who gets angry at the supermarket will speak to the tendency of Capricorn kids to have temper tantrums. Divergent , Veronica Roth.

    Determined and feisty Capricorn tweens and teens will inhale this sci-fi series, which will touch on the sense of duty Capricorns feel from the earliest age. Capricorn Personality: Determined, ambitious, and practical, a Capricorn can do anything they set their mind to—even as a kid.

    Intelligent and often wise beyond their years, the Cap baby merits a name with some gravitas. If there aren't any that stand out in your own family, consider a strong last name from your heritage or a country you admire: Adler German, meaning eagle , Cohen meaning priest , and West can be great places to start. And don't cross off Biblical stalwarts like Peter, Paul, Saul, and Mark, which have withstood the test of time and are worthy of baby Goats.

    Think Eve, Laila, Maida, or Hannah.

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    • As with Capricorn boys, gender-neutral names that could be last names also work well: Think Quinn, Madison, or Kennedy. Intense, intelligent, and serious, parents frequently hear that their Capricorn child is wise beyond their years.

      The Capricorn Child - Characteristics of Capricorn Children

      Capricorn children may be a serious from an early age, asking deep questions as a toddler, and they may also be quite sensitive to loud noises, routine deviation, and being watched by people other than their parents. Help enable and ignite these interests by showing your enthusiasm and learning alongside your little goat! Capricorn has a strong sense of fairness and social justice, and they may be quite critical of their parents when they become teens. Try not to take it too personally. It can be helpful to have some common interest or activity to help you both through the teen years.

      For example, reading together, even as a teen, can be helpful. You may not be reading books out loud, but sharing the same paperback and talking about themes and events in the book can be an easier way to connect than talking about actual feelings, which Capricorn shies away from.

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      Encourage your Capricorn kid to play, and focus on collaborative activities, rather than competitive ones, at home. Help them find their tribe. Capricorn children often have the temperament of little adults from an early age. Capricorn children usually seem to be miniature adults who are serious and a bit world-weary. Although smart, they may lag behind other children developmentally.

      They may have a fear of trying particular skills because they are afraid to fail.

      Baby star signs: Your Capricorn baby

      For them to succeed, parents must be gentle and supportive. As he or she grows, so grows the confidence. They have leadership skills that can be helpful in adjusting to this phase of their development. The Capricorn lover may seem cautious and a bit cold but can be downright naughty! Capricorns' biggest problem is confidence. They always worry that a love interest will prove faithless.

      The Capricorn Child - Characteristics of Capricorn Children | Futurescopes

      Capricorns respond well to domestic life because it provides stability. Once they fall in love and commit, the typical Capricorn is unlikely to jeopardize the union. They place great importance on personal happiness. Although they may seem to lack many traits that attract friendship, Capricorn men and women make loyal and caring friends.

      Learn your little one's Capricorn characteristics

      Because they love stability, Capricorn men and women gain something special from long-term friendships.