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This celestial body is said to influence promise and realism. It is also relevant from the emotions perspective. The glyph for Pluto is composed of a cross, a circle and a crescent. Element: Water.

Scorpio Man: Characteristics and Personality Traits of Scorpio Men

This element makes things boil in association with fire, it's vaporized by air and models things in combination with earth. Water signs born under the November 5 zodiac sign are flexible, gifted and ingenious. Lucky day: Tuesday. Under the governing of Mars, this day symbolizes acceptance and clairvoyance. It is suggestive for the Scorpio natives who are impatient. People born on November 5 appreciate being listened to and love when others ask them for their opinion.

They are incredibly socially aware and possess an emotional intelligence above average although at times they are so stubborn that this can be easily overlooked.

Scorpio Men

They dislike mediocrity and hate nothing more than having to work with people who lack seriousness. They love being in the spotlight but they are also very secretive with many aspects in their lives. Positive traits: Determined and hypnotic, many of these natives are so good with words and subconscious manipulation that they can change the mind of the most stubborn person. Scorpio people are usually full of curiosity and those born this day make no exception. They want to know what is going on everywhere. Many of their surprising actions show how fearless they can be when they have the right motivation.

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Those born under this sign are also a jovial company when in good temper. Negative traits: Jealous and most stubborn, these natives don't need much time to feel as if they own certain things and even people and then act accordingly. They are moody and when caught on the wrong foot, it is as if nothing can go right and no one can do anything. They are quite devious and tricky to handle in such moments and especially when they are set to obtain something that they want and they do it at any cost.

Lovers born on November 5 are passionate and mysterious. They find it very hard to commit to one person, but when they do they become very loyal and reliable. Although they don't usually show it, they are very sensible and easily offended and should be handled with great care. They are attracted to persons who know how to combine praise with constructive criticism.

You can conquer the heart of Scorpio if you are always there listening when they feel the need to open their hearts. They are enthusiastic lovers, full of ideas and eager to spend all their time with their loved one. Sometimes they are prone to controlling behavior and jealousy fits.

Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Freedom lover, they have an immense love for change and adventure and will experience many love relationships in their life that they will consider important. If they settle for one person, they will probably be hard to understand and they will still be governed by selfishness. They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th and 29th. November 5 Zodiac people are very attached to the other two water signs: Cancer and Pisces as they tend to share the same vision of life.

In life, Scorpio is in a constant search for a protective and dependable partner and the one to offer them this is the native in Taurus. The lover in Scorpio is thought to be least compatible with Libra. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Scorpio, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Deep red is a hue that indicates action and drives everyone's attention in a more subtle way than pure red.

This zodiac color is advised to be used in accessories and items of clothing. People with deep red as sign color are strong willed personalities that are careful with every detail of their lives and work. The mysterious Scorpio knows exactly how to use this simulative color to boost their confidence and to attract all attention.

The Scorpio birthstone used in astrology for those with November 5 is the gracious Topaz. Men born under this sign are moody and need emotional "space. They prefer the stability of home and hearth. Scorpio men enjoy being part of their children's upbringing. They can be demanding in their family relationships, but their actions are generally motivated by love. Career success means a lot, but they never mistake it for personal achievement. A Scorpio woman is one of mystery -- part tomboy, part femme fatale.

She has a provocative magnetism. She is maternal, not smothering. Whether she has a satisfying career or family life -- or both -- she gives everything. She can be demanding but is equally demanding of herself. Always looking to transform herself for the better, she never seems to age but grows in wisdom and maturity. The Scorpio child can test a parent's limits. This little one may start playing power games in the cradle. If there is ever a time, it comes to question your loyalty Scorpio will easily walk away from the friendship without blinking an eye. He might not even put you on notice!

The stubborn, inflexible nature of the Scorpio Man can cause havoc in a household. His rigid nature can sometimes make him impossible to talk to; this is not an attribute he develops in his adulthood.

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Some Scorpios are more flexible than others, though. Many Scorpio men do have some inflexible attributes they must curb, lest their unwillingness to compromise wreak trouble with relationships. Some Scorpio men managed to form a good team spirit and they bring this spirit into the home. It is this kind of Scorpio who recognizes the benefit of having harmony in the home.

The Scorpio Man allows likes to continue to focus on his dreams and goals without having to attempt to fix issues arising at home.

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A lack of harmonious conditions is not conducive to dream building. The Scorpio man is one who rather live alone than have someone around him who may distract him from following his dreams or attempting to achieve his goals. As a father, the Scorpio Man sets extraordinarily high expectations for the children they have, but also promise amazing childhoods for them as well. He teaches them both respect and discipline early on, and this makes it so there is a clear understanding of just how far the kids can push their father.

The children of a Scorpio Man know the boundaries Dad has set. They know the consequences of crossing a very clear and real line. This same issue can crop up between siblings if there is constant fighting. Finally, the Scorpio spouse is one who will remain loving and committed but will tolerate no level of unfaithfulness. Scorpios are the most compatible with the sign of Cancer and Pisces.

With the Pisces and Scorpio match, it brings together two signs ruled by water. This relationship will go nice and easy with the ebb and flow of life. Being of the water element the two really understand one another emotionally. They are an ideal pairing for long-term commitments, particularly marriage, because their feelings only intensify over the course of time. The Scorpio and Cancer pairing also work well, as the couple has a lot in common. Both sun signs like a good sense of security, and both are dedicated and committed workers who do their absolute best on the job as they seek to excel.

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Cancer loves the commitment of the Scorpion male and his dedication to providing the family with a secure, safe place to live. Leos tend to clash with Scorpio because there are too many people who want to oversee the relationship! Both sun signs are great at being terrifically stubborn, so arguments are part of the equation. Sexually the pairing is great.

Scorpio man

The stubborn Taurus and Scorpio could have a lasting relationship. Aquarius and Scorpio are a pairing that argues a lot with both signs so stubborn there is no backing down for days or weeks follwing a disagreement! Words fly, hurtful things are said, and then both partners are holding a grudge! Be genuine; this cannot be stressed enough. He is a visual creature with a preference for striking colors, so dressing in an attire that is red, black, and white will catch his attention.